Manufacturing and Service of Professional Audio & Musical Instrument Sound Equipment

Service Division

Under the service division, we are able to diagnose, repair and service large sound consoles down to small PA systems, Effects pedals/Units, Guitar Amplifiers (both Vacuum Tube and Solid State), Power Amplifiers, EQ’s, Studio Gear… and pretty much anything else in the industry.

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Manufacturing Division

Dynastar Electronics manufactures products under our own brand name. Do you have a special project in mind you need fabricated? We can design and build simple to complex products, fully blue printed, made ready for production if necessary. 3D-CAD, PCB design, and industrial graphic artwork services are available.


About Dynastar Electronics

With nearly 36 years of not only service but electronics audio engineering experience, we are pleased to serve local and professional artists, music stores, churches, and sound contractors with the best service in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout the United States.

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