Manufacturing and Service of Professional Audio & Musical Instrument Sound Equipment

Price Schedule

Professional Audio Service Division-Price Schedule as of January 1, 2024

Bench Test Estimate/Diagnosis & quick fix: $73.12 – $86.25

Typically, 15-45 minutes is required to diagnose/evaluate pro-sound equipment depending on the item. A diagnostic charge applies whether a customer follows through with the repair or not, but is factored in with the total repair cost after customer approves the estimate. Estimates are conveyed in hours of labor. IMPORTANT: If a repair can be completed in less than 1 hour, we will automatically move on with repair services. Otherwise, you will receive an estimate. Obviously large or complex items such as professional sound consoles or keyboards could have a higher charge for an estimate, but in those cases we’ll talk first. Our goal always is to make servicing your gear a pleasant experience and a satisfied return customer.

Service/Repair Labor Charge for Audio Equipment: $97.50/hr Per Hour Billed in 15 Minute increments – Plus any Parts.

Service/Repair Labor Charge for Electronic Keyboards/Synthesizers: $115.00/hr Per Hour Billed in 15 Minute increments – Plus any Parts.

Now you may wonder… okay… what does this mean to me? Well… we’re fast, efficient, and thorough in our work, so depending on how many things are wrong with your guitar amp for example, anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours is pretty typical. Large mixers, severely blown power amps, or synthesizers average around three to four hours. We go through details to make sure everything is functional, so you can power up your equipment and use it in full confidence. Your gear is “stage ready” when it leaves the lab. Visit our facebook page to see all of this in action.

Emergency Service: $189.00 Per Hour – Dependent on Circumstances – Plus any Parts – No Billing Increments.

If your venue/performance is fast approaching, and your equipment has failed, our goal is to help you as best as possible. This premium service asks us to drop everything and put you to the head of the line, order parts overnight if necessary, and do everything else possible to deliver your equipment pronto.

Design Engineering Services/Project Development/Contract Work.

For professional artists wanting unique or custom upscale design work, this service could include Electronics engineering, PCB design, Equipment modification, Mechanical 3D CAD work, Manufacturing documentation, etc. Please email your requirements, ideas, and so forth, for a quotation.

For manufacturer/retail store contracted repair services, please contact us.

Payment Terms: Currency, Check, or PayPal accepted (includes processing fee)
Sorry… No debit/Credit Cards accepted.

Payment Terms: Currency, Check, or debit/Credit Cards accepted. (includes convenience fee)

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