About Dynastar Electronics

With nearly 36 years of not only service but electronics audio engineering experience, we are pleased to serve local and professional artists, music stores, churches, and sound contractors with the best service in the San Joaquin Valley and throughout the United States.

Memberships: NAMM, PASTEG.

Our goal is always…

For the customer to say: “These guys know what they’re doing -I don’t want anyone else touching my stuff.”

We’ll stand for no less to please. If you are “touchy” about who handles your gear, then we’re the people to choose.

  • Local consultations by appointment only. Please call in advance.
  • Please review price schedule and complete online form prior to shipping us any product.
  • Emergency rush service is available.
  • Church discounts available on a case by case basis.
  • Pickup/Drop off at no charge.
  • Dynastar Electronics is an insured company.

With sincerity.. Thanks for visiting us!

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